The local area’s advantages

A local producer knows what is truly good material.Gumizaki fishing port is where we stock the fishes is placed in center of Echizen sea.There is very deep even though nearby shore and the tide is fast.That’s why this place is where so many fresh fishes fall in.

One of the secret of the our tastiness is Gumizaki partnership’s a fixed net where right in front of our company.We can stock the really fresh fishes directly right away and work on a commercialization.A freshness of the products is our lives.
So many greatest dredgers in Hokuriku region are anchoring in Gumizaki and they arelanding the selected fishes while competing.By trading with them directly we can stock the really fresh fishes and deliver them to customer.

In order to deliver the taste of freshly caught fish directly, pursuit a high freshness thoroughly.We clean, wash and defrost them by this seawater pasteurizer. Its freshness is high, taste never deteriorate and looks so beautiful. That’s our pride.
We use the seasonable and fresh fishes in Echizen, develop the products to meet the needs, and get a high evaluation.From a major chain stores to restaurant chains, we support to develop a product based on several various costumer’s comments.