We put our heart into a seasonal fish in Echizen sea with devotion.

We want people all over the country to eat a seasonal and fresh processed seafood in Echizen sea.
Yamago campany uses our method for producing to brings out the goodness of a materials.

Yamago that is started up by founder Goro Hamamoto as a wood-factor places Isozaki in fukui
After that, Yamago started a marine products processing business that use the fresh fishes that is got at local and entered the market round haul seine to fish a high freshness fishes by ourselves.
Those days, the number of catches of cod in Echizen was large and so many company had been glowing with dried codfish business.
We are working on a merchandise development that use Echizen sea’s fresh fishes since we started our business up.
The costumer’s needs and fishes that is landed are changing as time goes by but we are keeping trial and error and working on a merchandise development by processing method and technology that is cultivated.
Company name株式会社ヤマゴ
Start up dateApril 1, 1897.
ContactTELL 0776-89-2516

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